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Are You Confident In Your Loved Ones Medication Management?

As the family caregiver to a loved one who is disabled and diabetic, the catalyst that sprung me into action was seeing in shock and horror the mismanagement of multiple meds. Everything from not taking meds as prescribed, over and/or undertaking meds, to continue to take meds after changes to doctors orders, I learned the … Continue reading

Home Care Support for Seniors with Diabetes

No other disease requires so much self-care. And despite the many effective medications, successful treatment of diabetes is dependent upon a motivated patient who knows how to make the right choices and monitors them for their effects on the blood sugar. As a caregiver, senior care advocate, and home care provider our work is to … Continue reading

Senior Care: Living with Dementia and Memory Loss

In the 112 years since Alzheimer’s was identified, a cure is far from sight yet more and more seniors are being diagnosed with dementia-related diseases. The increase in diagnoses is due in part to the rapidly growing population of elders i.e., the baby boomer generation. This generation is the largest living generation and, is not … Continue reading

Reduce Crimes Against Seniors

As the need for personal in-home care grows with a projection ‘that will add more jobs by 2026 than any other occupation in the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics”, the risk of fraud and abuse towards the senior community inherently grows. Seniors, who rely on an army of health care workers to … Continue reading

How To Care For Your Parents In The Comfort of Their Home.

The time has flown by and now you are caring for your mom and or dad. Your siblings are out of state and you are left feeling all alone and 100% responsible for their well-being. So you step up to the plate and put on the many hats and juggle all of the balls thrown your … Continue reading