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As cities across the country began to lift Covid Restrictions, we think it is important to share that our staff will continue to practice social distancing and isolate at home as much as possible. Home continues to be the safest place for older adults, and exposure is lowest for those with limited outside contact.

For that reason, our staff will continue to do the following in response to the threat:

  • Before each care visit, our staff completes a certification to reduce the risk of illness. This certification confirms that they are complying with CDC guidelines for safety and have not been in any high-risk exposure situations.
  • It is our recommended protocol that all caregivers wear masks and gloves.
  • Our staff follows hygiene procedures directed by the CDC, including vigorous and frequent hand-washing with soap and water, use of sanitizing gels (with 70% alcohol level or higher), use of disinfectant wipes to frequently wipe down surfaces, proper coughing and sneezing techniques, disposal of any items that may have virus or bacteria, and much more.
  • If any of our staff or their clients should show signs of COVID-19, we will report, isolate and quarantine, as necessary, abiding by national and local guidelines.

There are several ways that we can help seniors stay safe at home, including:

  • Providing respite care for family members
  • Shopping for groceries and running errands
  • Companionship to combat social isolation
  • Assistance with technology to connect with loved ones
  • Help cleaning and disinfecting their home
  • Personal care to assist those with more advanced care needs

We are proud to be providing these essential services to our clients and their families. If you need support or advice, please don’t hesitate to reach out by calling 913-289-8849.

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