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Break Free: Tame Your Nicotine Cravings with Over-the-Counter Nicotine Replacement Products

No Smoking Day March 9th, 2022

Nicotine is the addictive ingredient in tobacco that makes it hard to quit smoking. Using Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) can curb the cravings and help wean you off.

Older smokers are less likely than younger smokers to attempt quitting. However, older smokers are more likely to be successful at it. It does not matter how old you are or how long you have been smoking, quitting smoking at any time improves your health. 

When you quit smoking, you likely add years to your life, breathe more easily, have more energy, and save money. Quitting smoking requires support, and NRT products can help your body cope with the desire for nicotine. 

In the spirit of “No Smoking Day”
Here are 5 over-the-counter nicotine replacement products that can help tame your craving for nicotine

Patches: Patches like NicoDerm CQ Step 2 Nicotine Patches to Quit Smoking  are designed to give you 24 hours of support. You apply one patch daily according to directions, and it delivers a steady dose of nicotine. These patches come in 3 steps and making them a good choice for all smokers. They are FSA or HSA eligible. 

Lozenges: Candy-like lozenges, like Amazon Basic Care Nicotine Lozenge are great for a quick fix of nicotine. You place the lozenge in your mouth. It may take five to 10 minutes to feel the effect. Lozenges should dissolve within 30 minutes. Lozenges also may satisfy the need to keep your mouth busy, so you’re not tempted to smoke. Also FSA or HSA eligible. 


Gum: Nicotine gum like Amazon Basic Care Nicotine Polacrilex Coated Gum – Fruit Flavor  are not like regular chewing gum — you must use it correctly to get the best results. It comes in different flavors and two doses. Gums work only if you follow the instructions and use the proper dose. 


Inhalers: Smokeless inhalers like Quit Smoking Aid Oxygen Inhaler – Soft Tip Chewable Filter are great for puffing, biting, and flicking to cope with fidgety hands. They are nicotine and tobacco-free, yet they give you the feeling of puffing on a real cigarette to satisfy the craving for that oral fixation. They can be used alone and are safe to use together with all NRT. 


Nasal Inhalers: Nasal Inhalers or nasal sticks like Urban ReLeaf Craving Crusher are similar in size and shape to decongestant inhalers, except this helps you manage cravings. A unique blend of essential oils helps with the cravings when you feel the urge to smoke. There is no nicotine or tobacco, so they are safe to use together with all NRT. 


Know of a product that works? Comment below and let us know.



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