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Memory Matters: How to Recognize the Signs of Memory Problems in Aging Adults

It’s normal to forget things from time to time. And as we age, most of us become increasingly forgetful. However, there is a difference between normal memory loss and memory loss related to Alzheimer’s and related disorders. Forgetting where you placed the car keys, not remembering to pick up an item at the grocery store, … Continue reading

Navigating the Holidays with Aging Parents: Recognizing Signs They Need Help and Providing Support

The holidays are here again and you’re gearing up for family gatherings with your parents and comforting foods passed down from generations past. The days of your aging mom spending hours in the kitchen are gone but that’s ok. That’s a normal part of the aging process and nothing to be concerned about. However, there … Continue reading

Are You Confident In Your Loved Ones Medication Management?

Medication management is an essential part of senior home care. It can be a complex and overwhelming task for both seniors and their caregivers. Ensuring that your loved one is taking their medication as prescribed is crucial to maintaining their health and well-being. However, keeping track of multiple medications, dosage instructions, and potential side effects … Continue reading

Home Care Support for Seniors with Diabetes

As people age, they become more susceptible to developing chronic diseases like diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that affects the body’s ability to process glucose, resulting in high blood sugar levels. If left unmanaged, diabetes can lead to serious health complications like heart disease, kidney failure, and nerve damage. For seniors with diabetes, managing … Continue reading

Supporting Women with Dementia: Empowering Care and Compassion

Dementia is a neurological disorder that can cause a decline in cognitive function, affecting a person’s memory, thinking, and ability to communicate. It can be a difficult and overwhelming diagnosis for anyone, but it can be especially challenging for women. Women are more likely to develop dementia than men, and they may experience unique challenges … Continue reading

Finding the Right Fit: Tips for Choosing a Reputable Home Care Agency

 As the need for personal in-home care grows with a projection ‘that will add more jobs by 2026 than any other occupation in the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics”, the risk of fraud and abuse towards the senior community inherently grows. Seniors, who rely on an army of healthcare workers to help … Continue reading