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6 Little Home Improvements That Will Ease Any Senior Citizens Life.

Here are six simple home improvement ideas to ensure senior safety and ability to remain home.

So, for all the Gramms & Gramps, Nana & Papa, Mawmaw & Pawpaw, Grammie & Grampy, Baba & Gigi, Grandma and Granpa, and all other fun and adorable alternatives we use to honor our parents/ grandparents, this is for you!

1. Bars in the bathroom – Bars in the shower and next to the toilet seat can significantly improve senior safety. Although this sounds large scale project, you will be surprised how easy it is to apply some wall panels.

2. Doorknobs – Small details matter; therefore, install lever-style door handles that are easier to grip. They do not cost much, and change can be done by yourself.

3. Flooring. Choose materials that are slip-resistant. Try to avoid tiles that can cause an accident easily. Some suggestions are vinyl, linoleum flooring that has a Tongue & Groove installation system. They are easy to install and are a budget-friendly option. If you can afford more, choose cork or bamboo flooring which is natural and safe for grandparents.

4. Lightning. If your parent/grandparent house has a stairway, it is highly suggested to install extra lightening to decrease the risk of falling in the nighttime. If you cannot install lights on the wall, you can buy lights that work on batteries. Simply attach them to the wall by adhesive. Yea, it’s not that attractive, remember, but hey, their safety is our priority.

5. Light switches. Install smart light switches. They are affordable and simple to set up. Within these switches, your parents will be able to set up times when lights turn on and turn off automatically. Some systems can be controlled with smartphones. With this, you can avoid falls in the dark or running into furniture corners that can cause serious pain to senior.

6. Chairs and Grab Bars. The bathroom is not the only room needing a bar. Help keep your parents active by making sure they’re able to sit down and stand up. If chairs are not comfortable for their movements, change them immediately. You should definitely choose comfort over design. You can also install grab bars by the bed, living room sofa or any other place where they could face a challenge of physical movement.

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