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Questions You Should Ask a Home Care Agency

If you do an online search of “questions to ask a home care agency” you will see there are pages and pages of blogs and articles written on the subject. Most articles have a “top something” questionnaire e.g., top 10, top 25, top 30…you name it.  As well, you will find on every list some really great questions to ask any provider of home care, senior care, medical care, etc.. We agree that it is very important for families to do their homework and ask questions to the company about the service and people that they are entrusting their loved ones with. So, we did the honors of listing 6 standard questions that you’ll find on every list out there.  Here are 6 things you absolutely need to know about potential in-home care agencies.  And we’re happy to say, we can successfully answer all of them 🙂

  1. Is the agency licensed?
    Kansas requires that home care agencies are licensed. Assuring that you select a licensed home care agency assures that agency meets the minimum standards required by the state to protect clients and their families.
  2. Are the agency’s caregivers bonded and insured?
    A licensed agency will also have both professional and general liability, bonding, and Worker’s Compensation.
  3. How are caregivers trained and qualified?
    Not every agency provides training and continued education to their employees other than general orientation training. Make sure your caregivers are the most qualified.
  4. How extensive are the agency’s background checks?
    Be sure the agency you select performs full criminal background checks (both felony and misdemeanor) and driving checks.
  5. How would issues and concerns be addressed?
    A reputable agency will provide you with a detailed process for dealing with complaints or service questions.
  6. How does the agency evaluate what type of care is needed?
    Ask the agency’s process for determining the type of care that is needed. Do they utilize professionals e.g., a Registered Nurse, to determine the type of care needed? Do they have multiple types of care or specific programs for dementia and Alzheimer’s?
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