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Homemaker Services are services that help a person manage general cleaning and household activities. These services consist of general household activities (meal preparation and routine household care) intended to maintain an adequate living environment.

Homemaking (light housekeeping) tasks are limited to:

  • Dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping floors
  • Moving lightweight furniture to clean (but not moving heavy furniture or items or climbing beyond the use of step stool to access areas needing cleaning)
  • Taking out trash
  • Washing dishes, cleaning out refrigerator
  • Washing interior surface of windows (accessible without using a ladder or moving furniture)
  • Cleaning countertops and exterior surface of large appliances
  • Laundry, changing bed linens
  • Cleaning toilets, tubs, showers and mirrors
  • Meal preparation
  • Shopping trips for basic needs (including groceries and household items, but excluding alcohol or tobacco products due to health hazards and liability issues)

Shopping will include:

  • Receiving a list of needed items from the client
  • Communicating to clarify special needs
  • Arranging for an effective method of payment for items purchased
  • Traveling to a nearby store and picking up the requested items
  • Returning items purchased to the client’s residence with receipt and change
  • Checking the list with the client and putting away items, as needed
  • Client signature as verification that all funds have been accounted for

These services are considered Chore services/heavy housework and ARE NOT included

  • cleaning interior surface of ovens and refrigerators
  • shampooing rugs and furniture
  • Polishing furniture
  • washing the exterior surface of windows
  • removing heavy accumulations of dirt and grime
  • rearrangement and removal of furniture/items
  • moving/packing
  • Home repairs
  • Yard work

A Friend In Need Home Care is not a professional cleaning/housekeeping service and our caregivers do not have special housekeeping training. 

Caregivers do not bring housekeeping supplies or products with them. Your caregiver can take you grocery shopping so you can get your preferred cleaning supplies.

You may ask, “What if my home needs more deep-cleaning or special cleaning which isn’t part of the AFINHC services?”

If your home requires cleaning outside of what we offer, your caregiver can help you connect to a professional housekeeping service and help you maintain your home’s cleanliness going forward.

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