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Reduce Crimes Against Seniors

As the need for personal in-home care grows with a projection ‘that will add more jobs by 2026 than any other occupation in the country, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics”, the risk of fraud and abuse towards the senior community inherently grows.

Seniors, who rely on an army of health care workers to help them “remain in their homes deep into old age” are often times the victims of seemingly preventable crimes with something just as simple as a background check.  

Faced with the challenge of finding reputable caregivers with such high demand, often leads many families and elders to turn to caregivers without ‘undergoing any background check and receiving little, if any, training”.

Though caregiving is an ‘honorable calling’, and many feel gratified to help the aging adult in their time of need, some even becoming like family members… “sometimes they help themselves — to their clients’ money, belongings, medications, even identities. It can be a predator’s dream career.”

To prevent such crimes, many states, like Kansas, “requires home care agencies be licensed. And makes publicly available — abuse and other patient-related crimes by home care workers..”

Hiring caregivers through an “agency may reduce the risks because the companies are mandated by law to check employees’ backgrounds. But it’s no guarantee of good behavior.” The agency has to go a step further and ensure they have effective controls in place to weed out poor caregivers.

At, A Friend In Need Home Care, we are licensed and governed and perform national criminal background checks on each Caregiver including license credential check, SSN trace verification, Sexual Offender Registry and more. But as part of our controls, we also REQUIRE verifiable employment from agency/facility employers (sorry, we like your great aunt but she can’t vouch for you) and go even further with ongoing training and ‘pop-in’ supervision to ensure you’re receiving the care you deserve and trust. That’s what friends do!

Click the link below to read the full story from the Boston Globe.

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